Saturday, December 6th in 1969 gave birth to the Altamont Speedway Free Festival.

The Rolling Stones had been speaking for weeks about capping their 1969 tour with a massive free concert. The venue had noT come together and just one day before the Festival date, the new owners of the Altamont Speedway, east of Livermore agreed to host. With just 24 hours to prepare for 300,000 people, a rock n roll free-for-allwas on the cards. The San Francisco chapter of the Hells Angels were paid $500 worth of free beer to hold the crowd together and then the rock n roll began...

The Altamont Speedway Rock’n’Roll festival was built upon dreams, love for music and essential right to freedom. Certainly everything does not always go to plan and making wine is no exception. We set out to create wines that hold onto the Altamont dream, boundaries will be broken and our love for what we make will be the only guide.

Premium vineyard sites in the Adelaide Hills husband to respectfully natural winemaking with edgy influences.